Welcome to the new KAD NEXUS blog.  For those of you who have been around since the beginning, this blog started out as a personal journey for me.  It was a space to analyze social inequality, to challenge oppression and to take a hard look at power structures.  Through this lens I highlighted adoption resources while also combating negative stereotypes and portrayals of adoption in the media.

While the social justice identity of the old blog is still present, I also hope that this blog can serve as a platform to celebrate the rich and vibrant adoptee community and contributions that have arisen since I first started my personal journey here.  I also hope that it can be a nexus for our own complex identities not only as adoptees but also in the broader national/international Asian/Korean Diaspora, and a place where we can support and celebrate other communities.

Join me weekly as I round up adoption in the news and headlines, discover new resources, connect with adoptee YouTubers, and uncover the contributions of adoptees in the art scene.  Stay tuned for special guest blog contributors and if you’re looking for some new music check out Nexus Beats.

Thanks for stopping by and as always, feel free to drop me a line!




14 Comments on “About

  1. I was seriously impressed with you when we met (at the OW panel talk, you gave me a lift home) and am glad to see you getting it out there on the blogosphere! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yay! It’s a boy!


    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Male TRA bloggers who blog TRA are so rare. It’s always nice when you become a little less rare. Much support!

  3. Hi ~ Thank you for including my little blog on your list of adoptee blogs! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog site. junemoon

  4. Hi,
    Anyone who was adopted from Seoul named Hyung Joon or Hyung Jun or Hyung-Jun, Hyung-Joon? He was born May 24, 1960 to Park Chun-Shik.

  5. Hello 🙂

    I’m trying to find webstes, links, info, anything about korean / asian adoptees by african americans / black parent and/or families. Thanks

  6. I’m interested to know of any Korean adoptees that may have tried to trace their ancestry through the DNA Ancestry Project. If so, did you find it worthwhile and what did you learn? Thanks.

  7. I’m amongst the 1st wave of Korean adoptees to come to the US; back when when transracial adoption virtually didn’t exist and when it was out of humanitarian efforts.

    I ran into your blog while I was looking for Amy Anderson’s Youtube of “Talking To A White American,” but couldn’t find it with sound.

    Thanks for the male perspective!

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