Newsworthy Articles/Events (Week of June 20, 2011)

There are a lot of incredible anniversary celebrations this year.  Arierang, AKF, AK Connection, and AAAW are all having anniversaries.  I wish I could go to them all, but sadly I will have to choose.  They all look great!  -GS

Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (GOA’L) Loses Korean Gov. Funding, Temporarily Shuts its Doors – This is a quite a shocking development.  GOA’L has had an incredible impact on the international Korean adoptee community.  To hear more about how these budget cuts will affect GOA’L please read the following statement issued by the Secretary General, James Rosso.

PACT Camp A Gathering for Adoptive Families with Children of Color – July 17th through July 21st, 2011 – Tahoe City, CA – This is one of the best camps out there right now.  For more information please go to their website.

First Group of Korean Adoptees Regain Korean Citizenship Through New Dual Citizenship Law – This is wonderful news and yet again speaks to GOA’L’s tireless advocacy on behalf of the International Korean adoptee community.

“Encouraged Donations” to Chinese Welfare Homes Continue to Lead to Corruption – “A welfare home in Hengyang City in the central Hunan Province once ordered every employee to find three children in a year who could be adopted. They only received their salary and bonus once the quota was filled, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported earlier.”

Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington 15th Anniversary Mini-Gathering, September 15-18, 2011 – Seattle, WA – AAAW is celebrating 15 years of service to not only the Korean adoptee community of Seattle, but the Asian adoptee community.

AKF Sweden 25th Anniversary IKAA Gathering and Annual Convention – August 12-14, 2011 – Come be a part of AKF’s 25th Anniversary celebration.  It’s one of the oldest Korean adoptee organizations in the world.

Arierang Netherlands 20th Anniversary Celebration – Sept. 16-18, 2011 – Netherlands – Here is another great opportunity to not only celebrate one of the oldest adoptee organizations, but also go to the Netherlands.  Looks to be a great celebration.  Please see their website for more details.

AK Connection Minnesota 10th Anniversary Celebration – November 12, 2011 – Minnesota, USA – AK Connection is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and wants YOU to be a part of it.  Check out their website for more details, registration, and a full itinerary.

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