GOA’L Forced to Temporarily Shut Its Doors

Hi folks – I come to you with some alarming news.  The Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (GOA’L), a non-profit established by and for the adult Korean adoptee community in Seoul, Korea is temporary shutting its doors.  Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has withdrawn financial support for Birth Family Search Department, Staff, and Operating costs.

Despite this alarming news, GOA’L’s Secretary General, Mr. James Rosso vows that GOA’L will continue to provide services in some shape or form.   Below is a letter from the Secretary General, followed by a summary of how this withdrawal of funding will affect the organization’s goals and operational services.  To read the official statement issued by GOA’L please go to this link.



2011-06-08 State of G.O.A.’L

It is with great disappointment and utmost urgency that I report the current state of G.O.A.’L which has remained the only adoptee non-profit and non-governmental organization in Korea since 1998. For many years G.O.A.’L has operated with the assistance and subsidies from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (보건복지부) for not only programs and services but also for staff. We also rely on corporation and company sponsorship, membership dues, fundraising and donations. G.O.A.’L has exceeded many people’s expectations and provided more with what little amount it receives compared to the other organizations.

Over the past few months the Ministry of Health and Welfare has gone through changes in funding processes, policies and overall direction when it comes to post adoption services here in Korea and abroad. During this time G.O.A.’L worked with the various adoption agencies as well as other adoptee related organizations to participate in defining what the Ministry should fund, how it should be funded, requiring surveys and evaluations on programs and services as well as allowing adoptees to be a part of the decision making process.

Recently the Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to no longer support G.O.A.’L in certain areas like Birth Family Search, staff wages and certain programs and services. Unlike other organizations, G.O.A.’L does not have a consistent source of revenue to provide for its staff and operating costs. G.O.A.’L requires sufficient planning and notice to prepare for such changes but cannot continue to operate without this year’s subsidy. This was explained to the Ministry of Health and Welfare many times but they claim they cannot continue to support G.O.A.’L in these areas. Ironically funding and support will continue for things like events and program-based services.

As a result, effective immediately G.O.A.’L is forced to temporarily close its doors due to the lack of financial support and economic hardship. G.O.A.’L still believes in having an adoptee organization provide programs and services to adoptees, provide oversight and input to Korean government and adoption agencies, and be a voice on behalf of the community. In the coming days and weeks, G.O.A.’L will be meeting with its Board of Directors, key stakeholders and supporters. We ask for your continued support and understanding. G.O.A.’L will continue to serve the adoptee community in whatever capacity we can as it is our mission and responsibility. Further explanations will be posted on our website, blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of communication.

If you are interested in helping G.O.A.’L, please contact me at sg@goal.or.kr or 010-4361-4783.


James Rosso / Yoo Shin Kim 김유신
Secretary General 사무총장
Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.’L) (사)해외입양인연대


• G.O.A.’L NO LONGER receives support for staff from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

• G.O.A.’L NO LONGER receives support for the Birth Family Search Department.

• G.O.A.’L does NOT receive government funding for operation costs.

• G.O.A.’L will continue to receive funding for program-based services like Living in Korea and Counseling, First Trip Home and special events.

• G.O.A.’L receives LESS government subsidies compared to other organizations.

• G.O.A.’L lacks consistent revenue and income to maintain its cost of operation and staff.

• The G.O.A.’L office will continue to exist in some capacity until further notice.

• Secretary General will continue to maintain G.O.A.’Ls existence and work to serve the community.

G.O.A.’Ls Operations, Programs and Services

• G.O.A.’L will reduce its current services and temporarily close its doors until further notice.

• G.O.A.’L Korean Language Scholarships will continue until further notice.

• No new G.O.A.’L Korean Language Tutoring requests will be taken.

• Annual programs like the G.O.A.’L First Trip Home, Annual G.O.A.’L Conference and Christmas Fundraiser will still be planned.

• Volunteers for translation and interpretation will be limited.

• Birth Family Search services will be limited.

• Response to emails, phone calls and faxes will be limited.

• Program-based services will continue.

• Daily services like F4 Visa, Dual Citizenship, etc. will be limited.

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