Newsworthy Articles/Events (Week of June 6, 2011)

Before I jump into my links for this week, I want to draw attention to an interesting story that ABC news reported on recently.  The story talks about price differentials for children of color vs white children.  According to the story, “When a couple seeking to adopt a white baby is charged $35,000 and a couple seeking a black baby is charged $4,000, the image that comes to the Rev. Ken Hutcherson’s mind is of a practice that was outlawed in America nearly 150 years ago — the buying and selling of human beings.”

Of course there are justifications in this story that talk about how White children are in demand but are less available than children of color.  Thus, in any exchange where money is involved in a capitalist nation, supply and demand begin to seep into business practice.  I understand the rationale but it does not make this any less despicable in my eyes.


For more on this story click on this link (Courtesy of ABC News).


(Courtesy of the AFAAD email listserv) – “My friend is organizing a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in the Twin Cities, and told me about this one going on in Maine, concerning child removal from Native families. Apparently, it is the first TRC supported by the government in the U.S.”  For more information please click this link.  Here is another article detailing the abuses that many Native American children have faced within the child welfare system.


If you’re in Boston, check out this awesome new Korean Language Exchange Program piloted by Ms. Saebom Soohoo.  Below is a message from her with additional information about the program

Hi all,
I started this program in February and now we’re coming on our second term. I’m really searching for some “American” guys to buddy up with Korean guys. By American I mean anyone who knows American culture, speaks English well, and has a genuine interest in Korean culture. It’s a great chance to practice your Korean, make a new friend, and learn about Korean life/culture. If you know of anyone please send them my way.

-Saebom SooHoo,

Korean & American Cultural Exchange Program (KACEL 케이셀) for Korean & American adults now taking applications for summer term!

KACEL 케이셀 is looking for fluent English-speakers aged 23 and older who’d like to befriend a Korean national new to the United States. KACEL gives the Korean buddy a chance to learn American culture and practice speaking English with a native speaker. You, in turn, learn about Korean life and culture and can practice speaking Korean.

Time commitment is 2-3 hours/week, or bi-weekly based on you and your buddy’s schedule, plus optional monthly group events that typically occur on weekends. To join you complete an online application and then, based on availability, are matched with a buddy with similar interests.

Visit to see if the program sounds right for you, and then email for an application. (Say you heard about it through BPAC!) Our next term starts in June and will run till August/September.


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