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Hi all,

I know it has been a long time since I regularly posted.  My apologies.  This MSW program has really consumed a lot of my time and energy.  However, I do have some time this summer, so I am hoping to start posting more regularly.  For now, I hope to post links to articles, events etc. on a weekly basis.  Enjoy!

NPR’s Talk of the Nation – “The Parenting Dilemmas of Transracial Adoption”

I have to admit, this NPR program is better than most I have heard on transracial adoption, but there are still some areas that could use some reframing.  There are more adoptees’s voices being heard in this particular program, but it still felt like adoptive parents were the subject of the story, rather than adoptees themselves.  I was happy to hear that one scholar and professor who was featured on the show, was herself an adoptee.  Finally, although they asked for adoptee callers to call in, they were addressed as “children of adoptive families” either pointing to the fact that adoptees can never be separated from their familial ties, or the ever present notion that adoptees are perpetual children.  Regardless, I would definitely recommend listening to this program.

“Adoption, My Voice, My Body: A Writing Workshop”
Sunday June 5th (for Adopted People), Saturday June 11th (for Adoptive Parents), Saturday June 18th (for Birth Parents) — 11am-3pm, Oakland, CA
For those of you out in the Bay area, this looks to be a great workshop with the wonderful Lisa Marie Rollins of AFAAD.  Check it out if you can.

Business Insider – How a Broke Chinese Province Sold Kidnapped Babies to America for Adoption

This is unfortunately another story of adoption corruption in China.  However, I think it is also important to not lose sight of How and Why Hunan province government officials engaged in illegal activities such as these.  As many other human rights activists within the adoption community have reminded us, the demand created via intercountry adoptions has created a need to fulfill a supply of adoptable babies.  This is not to diminish the need for reform and accountability in China’s adoption programs, but I do think it’s important to not take this article’s title at face value.  As we all know, there are always more than just one institution to blame when these devastating instances occur.

(Courtesy of the Korean Adoptees Worldwide listserv)

The Korea Times – Wait Becomes Longer for Foster Parents, Adoptees

“The underlying issue is we believe babies should be preferably raised in their mother country,” said Lee Kyung-eun, an official from the health ministry. “We also think it is a transition period to increase domestic and reduce international adoptions, and it is consequently producing undesirable results. But we will try our best to increase the overall adoption rate and help children find new homes here.”

NEW You Tube Channel for International Adoptee Artists Being Formed

For anyone interested in helping contribute to this awesome project, please contact Kristin aka Park Kyung Soon via her You Tube channel.  This looks like an amazing project and I’m really looking forward to being a part of helping out in some way.  If you’re an artist, musician, poet, please reply to this post so that we can consider you once the channel is up and running.

Here is a message about the new you tube channel:

hey guys-after a year of trying to figure out how to contribute to the adoptee community, i have finally decided to start a youtube channel dedicated to international adoptees.

my goal is to curate a site where fellow adoptees can post videos, interviews, poetry, music, short stories, etc. which explore adoption in a safe environment. my hope is to build an online adoptee community where we can archive our experiences so that future generations can have a greater understanding of our shared histories.

i would love some help with curating the channel. please also consider contributing a video. please also forward this message to other fellow kads!

thanks for your support

kristin aka park kyung soon

One Comment on “Newsworthy Articles/Events/Misc. (5-13-11)

  1. I really like your ideas to start a YouTube channel. In some ways, although our goals weren’t inspired by the same exact reasons, I too wanted to create something that would connect people. So this is why I started The Lit Pub, where, today, I’m talking a little about being a Korean adoptee, about mother-loss and also daughter-loss.

    I hope you’ll come check us out. I’d love to hear what you have to say, and if you like what you see, I’d love if you could help me spread the word about TLP. It’s a place for connection, and I’d love to hear your voice there.


    P.S. Today’s post is here:

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