KoreAm Journal Articles

Over the years, KoreAm Journal has slowly begun to chronicle the lives of more and more Korean adoptees.  I have found that very few Asian American magazines take the time to consider our stories as part of the Asian American diaspora.  It seems that in the past several years, KoreAm Journal has made a commitment to highlighting at least one Korean adoptee per issue.  This past issue highlighted several Korean adoptees.  I will paste in a few article summaries, but I hope you’ll support KoreAm Journal by going directly to their website.  Although, there is still much to be discussed about the ways in which adoptees are portrayed in articles such as these, it is no doubt a first step in raising awareness around issues affecting Korean adoptees.


“Where I Come From”

KoreAm Journal

Author: Elizabeth Eun
Posted: February 7th, 2011

Emile Mack may be the highest-ranking Asian American firefighter of a major American city, but what tends to surprise people most about the Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief is his most unique background: At age 3, he was adopted by an African American couple. His is a story that challenges our notions of race and identity; it’s about the ties that bind and the gift of family.


“The Kimchi Chronicles”

KoreAm Journal

Author: David.Yi
Posted: February 3rd, 2011

Adoptee Marja Vongerichten, wife of famed chef Jean-Georges, explores the national dish of Korea in a new PBS series that merges culinary adventures with a personal tale.

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