“Asians Can Be Heroes” – An Adoptee Weighs in on The Last Air Bender

First let me start off by saying that I haven’t really been following the controversy over The Last Air Bender all that closely.  Folks in the APIA community have been protesting the release of M. Night Shyamalan’s newest film The Last Air Bender for casting primarily White folks for character roles which in reality are actually Asian.

And over the past several weeks I’ve been reading and seeing photos from protesters of the film calling Shyamalan’s casting “Racebending.”  Folks in the APIA blogging world jumped on this thing pretty quickly (Angry Asian Man) and for good reason.  But it wasn’t until recently, when a good friend of mine sent me an article written by a friend’s daughter, that I truly began to take an interest.

The fact is, I never really followed the Avatar television show (Airbender is based on this show), so I’m a bit in the dark on the characters and plot.  However, I’d like you to meet Ms. Li Huan Shandross, who was 10 and half when she wrote the following article in Adoption Today.  Take a look at the outstanding analysis she wrote about The Last Airbender.  I wasn’t really planning on seeing it in the first place, but now I REALLY won’t be seeing it.  Props to Ms. Shandross for her eloquently written article which was recently featured in Adoption Today.

LHS Adoption Today Article


3 Comments on ““Asians Can Be Heroes” – An Adoptee Weighs in on The Last Air Bender

  1. Thanks for this really well-written and insightful piece. I agree with you that the majority of voices out there are adoptive parents. Not sure why that is, but I appreciate and know the value of hearing adoptee voices as well. Keep up the great work!

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