GOA’L Now Hiring

Hi Everyone – The Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (GOA’L) is now hiring for two positions:  Vice Secretary General and Secretary General.  I just wanted to give Mee Joo credit for all the hard work she has put into her post as Vice Secretary General.  GOA’L does outstanding work for the international adoptee community so I really do hope we’ll see some people step up, and pick up, where Mee Joo and others left off.  Here’s a message from GOA’L about the two job vacancies.


Dear G.O.A.’L members, supporters and friends:

This announcement is to inform the adoptee community – both in Korea and abroad – of the current status of G.O.A.’L. Over the last several months G.O.A.’L has been operating at a limited capacity as a result of staff changes, including the position of Secretary General (SG). Though Vice Secretary General Katie Mee Joo Putes has assumed the responsibilities of SG during this transition period, the position of SG remains vacant.

Recently, Vice Secretary General Putes announced her resignation, effective June 30, 2010. Although she will continue to support G.O.A.’L, she is moving on to pursue other goals. Prior to her departure, the position of SG must be filled in order for G.O.A.’L to continue operating. If the position of SG remains vacant, G.O.A.’L may be forced to close – it is no understatement to say that the very survival of G.O.A.’L is at stake.

We are making a second call for eligible candidates for the position of Secretary General. Interested persons are requested to submit a resume and cover letter by June 23, 2010. The Board of Directors, as per the Articles of Incorporation, can then select an eligible person for the position of Secretary General. G.O.A.’L will not be organizing a second election. Please visit the G.O.A.’L website for more information: http://www.facebook.com/l/c3ae6;www.goal.or.kr.

As the very existence of G.O.A.’L is dependent on both the support and involvement of adoptees, we at G.O.A.’L are asking members of our community to stand behind G.O.A.’L at this difficult time. We appreciate your understanding and continued belief in what G.O.A.’L does and represents for adoptees.



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