Tensions Escalate in Korea, Psychological Warfare Begins

Tensions are mounting on the Korean peninsula and it’s not looking good.  South Korea has cut off trade with North Korea, and North Korea is expelling many South Koreans out as well.

Some sources say that North Korea is preparing its troops for war, but the South Korean government has not confirmed this yet.

So, here we are, back at psychological warfare.  Both countries plan to resume their propaganda broadcasts via loudspeakers and South Korea intends to begin spreading leaflets about the sinking of its ship to to North Korean people via balloons etc.

Things are precariously balanced at the moment.  It’s unclear how North Korea would attack but at this point it is reassuring to know that most of the UN Security council has South Korea’s back.  Japan has already denounced the actions of North Korea and will join the U.S. in supporting the South should military actions arise.  But China is still on the fence.

It seems that almost every year something happens to put the relationship between the North and South in jeopardy.  But somehow, this seems different.  The North continues to deny their involvement in the sinking of the South Korean ship, but all forensic evidence points to a North Korean missile.  I sincerely hope that an agreement is reached before things escalate any further.

It’s worrisome of course, with The Gathering in Seoul approaching quickly.



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