The Celebrity Adoptions Continue…

The Huff reports that Sandra Bullock recently adopted a boy from New Orleans in January, but has been sitting on the news until after the Oscars.  After filing for divorce from her husband Jesse James, Bullock finally releases the news that she and her soon to be ex-husband had been working on adopting for the past four years.  She states that she will be raising her son, Louis Bardo Bullock, as a single mother.

Sandra Bullock Adopts Baby Boy, Divorce Filed

(Huffington Post)


NEW YORK — Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from her husband, Jesse James, and is adopting a baby boy as a single parent, a story posted Wednesday on People magazine’s website said.

“Yes, I have filed for divorce,” the 45-year-old Oscar-winning actress said in an interview. “I’m sad and I am scared.”

Bullock and James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago, the report said, and brought 3 1/2-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars. The baby was born in New Orleans, the story said.

James and Bullock separated in March after five years of marriage, following reports that James had been unfaithful.

Bullock won the Oscar for best actress for her role in the blockbuster hit “The Blind Side” on March 7. Within days of her win, the cheating allegations became public and Bullock went into seclusion.

The motorcycle mogul publicly apologized to Bullock and his children, Sunny, 6; Jesse Jr., 12; and Chandler, 15.

He recently returned home after a 30-day stay in a treatment facility where he sought help for “personal issues,” the story on People’s website said.

When asked about whether James had cheated, Bullock said she “had no idea about anything.”

“I did the only thing I could do, and that was to pack enough clothes to live on, get all of Louis’ things and get out of town. My main concern was Louis.”

Bullock didn’t discuss details of the adoption to protect her son’s privacy.

When asked whether James will have any formal parenting role, she replied: “I will be adopting as a single parent. Anything else will be taken day by day.”

She said of her relationship with Jesse’s three children: “I don’t want to know what life is like without those kids. … Whatever we need to do, in the healthiest way, we are going to be co-parenting.”


3 Comments on “The Celebrity Adoptions Continue…

  1. I’m not sure if the title of your post is negative/sarcastic (?) I’m not a fan of the big deal put on celebrities who adopt (not on those who give birth, either for that matter). I have serious issues with Madonna’s very public process and the seeming lack of ethics…but as far as other public adoptions go (and births), I don’t really care.

    The concern I have with the negative and tabloid headlines and write ups is that these *children* will someday see them. I’m guessing it’s hard enough to come to terms with having been adopted and all that goes with it- then to read articles that basically reduce you as something that was ‘done’. Regardless of how the public may judge and all the obsessive speculations, they are still families and these are their parents. Aren’t they going to have enough to deal with without being reduced to so-and-so’s kid on a running list of which famous people adopt?

  2. Kay – It’s partially sarcastic because I’m really skeptical of these celebrities who adopt and their motivations. Like you, I often wonder how these children will grow up, and what sort of sense they will have as both people of color and as adoptees.

    And I agree that seeing the url trail will be tough for them. But I wonder more about the children who grow up and see the blogs that their adoptive parents created to raise money on the internet to support their adoptions. How would that feel to find that online?

    There will always be celebrity gossip. I don’t EVER want to become the P.H. of the KAD world, but I do also think it’s important to note these. You can actually see how adoption numbers increased after Madonna’s adoption. I think it’s important to document the social contexts that have led to these spikes in adoption. It allows us to see just how powerful the media can be and how institutions such as adoption can be influenced by these events.

  3. You are right and like you, I find it hard to fathom what kids will think when they see the public fundraising pleas made by their families, too. I have a hard time anyway with the excruciating number of blogs exposing the lives and every move of kids (adopted or not).

    Thanks for the info regarding the spike in adoption after Madonna. I had no idea!! That to me is insane.

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