Thoughts on Artyom/Justin

There has been coverage of this story everywhere.  The New York Times alone has about 3-4 articles on it.  What’s striking to me is how this story has become about the many adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents.  What about the little boy?  He’s still in the same situation he was in before when this all happened, except now he no longer is a person, he’s become a cause.  And because of it, we’ve moved onto what he represents with out addressing the immediate needs of his own health, safety, and what will happen to his adoptive family.

I really like this post over at Harlow’s Monkey.  And I agree, that largely, the adult adoptee community’s voice is missing.  Adoptive parents have been asked to weigh in on this, but where are we on the scale of importance in this debate?  There ARE many adoptees who are in fact leading researchers, social workers, policy analysts and psychologists who specifically focus on intercountry adoption.  Why is it just adoptive parents who are seemingly affected by this story?  Are our voices not as important?

I believe that unfortunately, the true victim has been forgotten.  I agree, those adoptive parents who are already in the process of adopting must be frustrated.  But let’s not forget what’s still at stake here.  There is a still a child who has gone through what must be an incredibly traumatic event.  Many adoptees have a hard time dealing with issues related to abandonment, but can you imagine what is going on in this boy’s mind now?

The last thing I’d like to point out in this article is how people seem to be so angered that they are resorting to physical violence.  In response one person wrote “Does anybody else want to choke her [Mrs. Hanson]?”  Does anyone else find this an incredibly disturbing response?

In a Diplomatic Limbo While Waiting to Adopt


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