It’s Adoption Conference Season!

It’s Adoption Conference Season!

I just wanted to add a few conferences to the mix so all of you can stay on top of some great conferences that are coming up.  Please keep in mind that I don’t necessarily endorse every single one of these.  This is just a list of adoption-related conferences that cater to adult adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption researchers and scholars.  -GS

1)  Adoption Conference of New England – April 17, 2010, Bellingham High School, Bellingham MA

2)  Adoption:  Secret Histories, Public Policies – April 29 – May 2, MIT Cambridge, MA

3)  The Third International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR3) – July 11-15, 2010, Leiden, The Netherlands.

4)  The Twelfth Annual KAAN Conference “The Road Ahead” – July 23-25, 2010, Holiday Inn Harrisburg East
Harrisburg, PA

5)  The Gathering 2010 (International Korean Adoptee Association) – August 3-8, 2010, Lotte Hotel Seoul, South Korea

6)  2010 Intercountry Adoption Summit – September 23-26, 2010, University of Waterloo Ontario, Canada

7)  The 5th International Conference on Post Adoption Services (ACTION Conference) NOW ACCEPTING PROPOSALS FOR ITS CONFERENCE IN February 2011 at the Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, MA


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