All the Single Ladies YouTube Video

I know, here I go getting all gossipy again, but I haven’t seen so much hype for a video like this in a while.  One father decides to take a video of his kids getting down to Beyonce’s song “All the Single Ladies.”  When his son is told that he is not in fact a single lady, he starts crying.  I’ve been getting emails and tweets from folks telling me that this kid is an adoptee, but to be honest, there’s nothing out there that confirms this!  It’s possible, but it hasn’t been confirmed in any way by the father or family.

Phil over at Angry Asian Man first blogged about it at the end of last month, and ever since, people have been emailing me links to it talking about how the kid is an adoptee.  Not quite sure what to really make of it.  Unfortunately, the father disabled the embed option partially because I think it was a little too much when this youtube clip went completely viral.  But, you can still check it out by clicking the link.


4 Comments on “All the Single Ladies YouTube Video

  1. Actually, he is a Korean adoptee. The dad made a series of YouTube videos when they were adoptin

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