Famous Adoptees

In an attempt to lighten things up, I decided to do a little research and put up a list of famous adoptees.  If you’d like to add to this list please comment at the end!

Steve Jobs – Co-Founder CEO of Apple

Run DMC’s Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels  – Member of legendary hip hop group Run DMC

Sarah McLaughlin – Singer/Songwriter

JC Chasez – Judge on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew

Jenna Ushkowitz – Star on Fox’s hit tv show Glee

Toby Dawson – Olympic Skiier Team USA

Faith Hill aka Audrey Faith Perry – Award winning Country vocalist

Dave Thomas – Philanthropist, Founder and CEO of Wendy’s fast food restaurants

Amy Anderson – Comedienne

Paull Shin – Washington State Senator

Jamie Foxx aka Eric Marlon Bishop – Actor, Comedian, R&B Artist

Keyshia Cole aka Keyshia Miesha Johnson – Musician, Recording Artist

Vincent Chin – Target of a hate crime in the 1980s and rallying cry for many Asian American activists over the past several decades

Liz Phair – Singer/Songwriter

Scott Fujita – Football Linebacker for the 2010  Superbowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints


3 Comments on “Famous Adoptees

  1. i wonder if people would know JC better as a former member of NSYNC? haha.

    also, i just found out that jaejoong of dong bang shin ki / tohoshinki is a domestic Korean adoptee! which is rather intriguing…

  2. haha yes Juli, I know that as well, but I chose to affiliate him with a “project” that I’m selfishly more interested in…

  3. Thanks – I stumbled across this and will be helpful with my workshop for teens who were adopted/in the foster care system!

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