JooYoung Choi Artist/Korean Adoptee’s Gallery gives back to Korean Single Mother Support Organization

Hi all,

A good friend of mine is generating awareness and financial support for the Ae Ran Won Mother’s Center in Seoul and needs your help.  She is an incredibly talented and gifted artist and is donating all the proceeds for vitamins for the mother’s center.  If you are in the Somerville, MA area this weekend she will also be doing a small art show.  Please see her website for more information.



JooYoung Choi Artist/Korean Adoptee’s Gallery gives back to Korean
Single Mother Support Organization
Organization: Ae Ran Won
February 10, 2010; Boston, Massachusetts

From now till the end of this year, artist and Korean adoptee/birthchild
JooYoung Choi is using her paintings to generate awareness
and support for Korean single mothers and
their children at Ae Ran Won. From now till the end of 2010, 10% of
the profits from her online gallery, will go towards donating baby
clothes, vitamins and toys to the Single Mother Home in Korea.

“When I stayed in Korea this past Summer, I had the honor of meeting
nine young ladies who were being supported by this organization.
They are amazing people, some as young as 16 or 17,
out of the group, nine women offered photos of their
children to me, along with information about their son or daughter.
Also, they included their favorite and least favorite colors and their
wishes for their child’s future. Before I left Korea, I delivered a series of
baby portrait paintings, one for each of the nine women I had met.”

“I am a Korean Adoptee who was able to find her birth family, I know
that both of my birth parents struggled emotionally over the years.
Both have shared with me how difficult it was to be with out their birth child,
I want to help support young mother’s in their choice to be single parents.
In Korea, that is a very brave and courageous choice.”

Now that JooYoung is back in the United States, she is using to help continue her support of this

“I hope you will support our efforts in helping the mothers and
babies at  Ae Ran Won!” – Sincerely, JooYoung Choi



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