New KAD Study

Hi everyone,

I try not to bog people down with adoptee research requests, but a friend of mine asked that I help spread the word about her study that she and a friend are working on.  They are looking at the effects of travel to Korea on adoptees and their lives after they return.  As always, I am happy to promote research that has a purpose and this project has just that.  There are some relatively personal questions, but their intentions are good and the outcome will be beneficial for us all.  -GS

We need your help if you are a Korean adoptee who is:
* Currently 20 years or older
* Went to Korea at age 20 or older
* Went to Korea and RETURNED to pre-Korea life
Please respond to our independent research study!
There are only 49 questions, and it should take 20-30 minutes. Email us for the password  at 2curiouskads [at] gmail com, and then proceed to this link:; Be sure to enable cookies before you start so you can go back  later on if you need to.
Some of these questions might seem personal, but the more open and honest you can be the more helpful your responses will be for other adoptees. Please know that your responses are generated anonymously.
Feel free to post this message on your own blog or copy, paste and email it to anyone who might be interested in participating. Or simply email us at 2curiouskads [at] gmail com, with a list of emails, and we’ll be happy to send out the information.
Here’s some info on us. We are Korean adoptees, 32 and 35 years old, who’ve been Korea 2-3 times. After we returned from Korea last year we felt isolated. Displaced. Confused. Unable to ease back into our pre-Korea lives. We wondered if other adoptees felt the same way. More importantly, if they didn’t, what had they done to prevent these feelings from manifesting? What sort of foundations, behaviors, life circumstances did they have in place that enabled them to feel rooted and connected when they returned? And how could this information offer support to other adoptees?
This is where you come in. If we get enough responses we will develop the results into a presentation for the IKAA Gathering in Seoul this summer so that your responses will help others just like you.
Much appreciation,
Rae Anne and Saebom
2curiouskads [at] gmail com


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