I Am Korean American

Hi all – Have been monitoring this new project called “I Am Korean American,” for quite some time.  I’ve had three friends who have been featured, two of which, are Korean adoptees.  Thanks for putting yourselves out there Jamey and Stephanie!

You can check out the website by clicking here.

Here’s some additional information about the project…-GS


I AM KOREAN AMERICAN is an on-going web project that aims to collect brief profiles of Korean Americans.

Every new profile of a Korean American will be featured on the homepage. A profile will consist of the person’s name, age, location, occupation, and a personal statement that could be a mini bio, a memorable story, a rant, aspirations, or anything else. Our goal is to compile a collection of profiles that showcase the diversity and many interesting personalities of the Korean American population. We hope that our collective efforts will provide a snapshot of the Korean American community at this point in our history.

We’re not a celebrity blog and we don’t care if you’re known by millions or if you’re known by a few dozen. We’re excited to learn more about you and to share your story with others.

I AM KOREAN AMERICAN is a project of Barrel, a brand and web consulting company in New York.


One Comment on “I Am Korean American

  1. This is my first time seeing this website! It’s so interesting to read everyone’s stories. Thanks for posting about it and am glad to see adoptees and hapas represented as part of the Korean American experience 🙂

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