International Korean Adoptee Association announces call for proposals for 2010 Gathering, Korea

If you are thinking of going to The Gathering in Korea and are interested in submitting a proposal please take a look at this CFP.  KAD Bloggers please pass this around!  Sorry I can’t attach something at the moment, but you can download one at the IKAA website:  CLICK HERE

Gathering Dates: August 3-8, 2010

Location: Seoul, Korea

[Hotel TBA]

Submission Due Date: February 15, 2010

Submit to:

Questions? Contact – Sarah Kim Randolph at


The Korean adult adoptee community has been organizing for over 20 years, and the Gatherings have been an essential part of the emergence of our truly global community.  While there have been multiple conferences for and about Korean adoptees, the Gatherings stand out for their large number of attendees from a diversity of backgrounds.  Previous Gatherings include:
•    1999 – Washington, D.C., USA
•    2001 – Oslo, Norway
•    2004 – Seoul, Korea
•    2007 – Seoul, Korea (the 1st Gathering officially organized by the IKAA network)

With each successive Gathering, the number of conference attendees rose significantly, with over 600 attending in 2007.  Given that the height of adoptions from Korea occurred during the mid-1980’s, we expect to see continued growth at the 2010 IKAA Gathering, since larger numbers of adoptees are now in or reaching adulthood and therefore more likely to travel to Korea for such a conference.  We project over 800 Korean adult adoptees to attend the 2010 IKAA Gathering.

As is tradition at the Gatherings, the 2010 IKAA Gathering will provide the opportunity for adoptees to present a wide variety of sessions related to Korean adoption and living as a Korean adoptee.  We encourage submission of thoughtful proposals for sessions that will provide attendees an opportunity to learn, network, share, interact, and reflect.  These sessions are different in nature than the presentations that will be made during the Gathering’s Research Symposium in that the general sessions are not required to be academic in nature.  In addition to academics, we welcome session proposals from artists, community organizers, filmmakers, writers, and other members of the Korean adult adoptee.

Aside from sessions, there will also be a mini-film festival during the Gathering, featuring past and more recent works that address various aspects of Korean adoption and our community.  There is a separate Call for Proposals for films as well as a separate submission form for films.


In your proposal, please mark what type of session you are proposing.  Definitions of types are as follows:

Panel: Panels are sessions that provide an opportunity for individuals considered knowledgeable and/or experienced in a specific subject matter to present their views, discuss among themselves, and interact with the audience. Panel sessions should start with a brief introduction of the panel topic and the participants, followed by brief presentations by each panelist regarding their view or experience. The session should allow a sufficient opportunity (at least 30 minutes) for an interactive question & answer period involving both the panelists and audience members. Panels must include an individual (moderator) to monitor length of time and assist with guiding audience questions.
•    Experiences with Divorce: Stories of Adoptees
•    Adoptees and Their Experiences with Birth Search
•    Adoptees in Filmmaking

Presentation: Presentations are sessions involving a display of information (i.e. slide show, demonstration of materials, etc), in combination with a presenter(s)–led dialogue or informal lecture, set forth for the audience of interest. A brief question & answer period or interactive discussion should be reserved for the end of the session.
•    International Adoption in the Media: Images and History
•    To Live, or Not to Live in Korea? Considerations and Suggestions
•    Gender Specific Issues of Adult Adoptees

Workshop: Workshops are sessions intended to engage attendees in creative activities and applicable learning experiences, often combining informational and interactive approaches. Workshop leaders typically offer practical experience to help attendees increase their understanding and skills in a particular area of current interest.
•    Team-building for Organized Adoptee Groups
•    How to Improve Your Noraebang Skills
•    Responding to Difficult Questions or Ignorance: Tips and Strategies for Adoptees

Interactive Discussion: Interactive discussions are sessions intended to provide a comfortable environment for attendees to participate in a more structured discussion to generate discourse about a topic previously identified. In a typical session, facilitator(s) introduce the topic and set up a semi-structured context for discussion sub-topics and interactions among participants.
•    Dating and Marriage Within and Outside the Adoptee Community
•    Bridging Connections with the Non-Adopted Korean Community
•    An Open Discussion Regarding the Mental Health Experiences of Adoptees
***NOTE*** There will be multiple breakout interactive discussion groups, based on age, for all Gathering attendees.  These discussion groups will take place at the beginning of the week.

Caucus: Caucuses are considered sessions that consist of a subgroup of individuals that come together based on common characteristics or a particular goal that has been previously defined. A caucus session often consists of an informal discussion platform regarding topic(s) that ties attendees of the session together.
•    Single Parent Adoptees
•    LGBTQ Adoptees
•    Adoptees in Academia
•    Regional caucuses (e.g. Adoptees in the Netherlands, Adoptees in the Southwestern USA, etc.)


We encourage proposals with topics that appeal to a broad range of adoptees in addition to topics that have an innovative approach to Korean adoption and being an adoptee.  In addition to the examples given above some suggested topics include:
•    Birth Search
o    Considerations before starting a search/how to conduct a search
o    Coping with a search that does not result in a reunion with birth family
o    How to build and maintain a relationship with birth family
•    Generations after adult adoptees (children of adoptees)
•    Race, ethnicity, nationality, and identity in our adoptive countries and in Korea
•    Recent and current changes to adoption laws in Korea (e.g. Central Authority, etc.)
•    History of adoption from Korea
•    Memoirs, anthologies, and other book resources for adoptees
•    Web 2.0 adoptee communities and resources
•    Korean history & its relation to adoption (e.g. Korean/American War)
•    Modern Korean pop culture (hallyu, or “the Korean wave”)
•    Adoptees’ relationships with friends and/or adoptive family
•    Sessions in non-English languages, including French, Norwegian, and all of the other languages spoken by members of the Korean transnational adoption disaspora

Handouts/Printed Materials
Please provide sufficient copies of all handouts and printed materials you plan to distribute during your session.  Also consider making your materials available electronically for those who are not able to attend.

Audio/Visual Equipment
Due to limited funds, all session presenters are strongly encouraged to provide their own A/V equipment, especially laptops and projectors.  Please be very clear on what you will provide and what you need on your proposal form. Also, please perform several test runs with your equipment prior to your session.

Arts/Crafts Supplies
If your session requires using any arts & crafts materials (e.g. paint, boxes, paper, scissors, etc.) please provide these by bringing them with you to Korea or purchasing them in Korea.  The Gathering Planning Committee can provide suggestions for inexpensive stores to purchase these items in Seoul.  The Planning Committee will also do its best to notify session organizers how many attendees to expect in their session, although organizers should be prepared for a large range of attendance possibilities.

Multiple Submissions
Submissions should be limited to 2 per individual. This will assist in maximizing the opportunity for a diverse group of presenters, subject matter, and session styles for reviewers to choose from.  Limiting the number of proposals also assists with avoiding session scheduling conflicts.


•    In order for proposals to be considered, individuals must be complete and adhere to all guidelines set forth in the call for proposals. Submissions that are incomplete or do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.
•    Individuals with proposals that are being considered for acceptance may be required to modify content and/or be provided with recommendations to revise the proposal to best fit the needs of Gathering attendees.
•    Once accepted, proposal authors will be contacted and provided with information to assist with the development of their proposal, if needed.
•    All sessions will be 90 minutes.
•    In order to assure that sessions are conducted in an organized manner, session authors will be required to provide a more detailed outline of their accepted session as the gathering nears. Therefore, please do your best to identify all concerns with regards to your session prior to the Gathering (i.e. need for equipment, guidance in presentation style, etc.).


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