Organ Donor?

I guess I’ve been watching too much tv lately.  But a few shows got me thinking about being an organ donor.  There was this 30 Rock episode I was watching where Jack finds his biological father.  In the process, he also finds out that his dad is in need of a kidney.  All of a sudden Jack’s happiness about being reunited with his father vanishes.  In the end he’s not a match anyways, but it got me thinking about similar things with my birth family.

What if someone in my family was sick and needed an organ donated?  What if  they called on me to see if I was a match?  And what if I was a match?  How would I feel about it?  I’m not sure how I feel about it right now.  If my mom called me today and said “son, your uncle needs a kidney, we need yours.”  How would I feel?  I guess I’m feeling guilty about feeling so uneasy because for a long time I always wondered whether my mom or other relatives would do the same for me if I needed it.

Has anyone else thought much about this at all?  All these new questions keep popping up and I’m not sure how I feel about them.  -GS


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