Jared Rehberg’s Somewhere in the Middle Album about “the journey of a Vietnamese adoptee.”

I’ve been trying to get an interview with Jared for my blog for quite some time.  Looks like Phil beat me to the punch.  Check out Phil’s review of Jared’s album Somewhere in the Middle.  In case you’re not familiar with Jared, he’s an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and a Vietnamese Adoptee to boot!  Apparently his album is available on itunes in case you’re interested in hearing some clips.  And of course, check out his website:  http://www.jaredrehberg.com/

Check out Angry Asian Man’s latest blog entry about Jared by clicking here.

Angry Asian Man Article Text Below…

A couple of weeks ago, I heard from singer/songwriter Jared Rehberg, who told me about the recent release of his second CD Somewhere in the Middle. I finally had the chance to listen to a few clips from the album, and it’s good stuff.

Definitely recommended for anyone who leans towards some low-key James Tayor-esque folky pop. It’s also clearly a very personal record for Jared, who notes that the Somewhere in the Middle reflects “the journey of a Vietnamese adoptee.”

Jared sings with Heather Park on “Beautiful Life,” a song dedicated to a friend who passed away in 1998. He tells me his favorite song is the title track, “Somewhere in the Middle,” which he wrote for his parents.

It’s worth a listen. To hear some sample clips, and to purchase Somewhere in the Middle, head over to CD Baby or iTunesicon. To learn more about Jared Rehberg’s story, and his music, visit his website here and his MySpace profile here..


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