Last minute stuff…

It’s the last minute stuff that’s killing me-the packing, the forgetting to pack certain things, the last minute trips to pick up things…And then on top of that, not knowing what to expect on my trip.  Most of my trip will be in China, and only a few days in Korea.  Although, I’ve been stressing way more about my last few days in Korea than China.

I have made lists for myself, but I know in the end, as I seem to do, I’ll forget something…of great importance.  I have almost all the gifts I need for everyone I’ll meet on my trip, most of the paperwork printed that I’ll need.  Now it’s all about enjoying myself!  I can’t necessarily guarantee that I’ll be able to give updates while I’m abroad but if I have internet access I’ll try my best to post updates.

Thanks for all the support!



3 Comments on “Last minute stuff…

  1. Best of luck on your trip and I look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

  2. I’m not sure if you’re still there or are back, but I hope it’s going or went well!

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