Birth Family Updates

I can’t get over the fact that I’m going to meet my birth mother.  In addition I just found out that I will be meeting my aunt, my mom’s older sister.  This adds a whole new dimension to my first meeting since the two of them will be there.

All I can think is that I wish I had more time to spend with them, especially my mother.  I will literally have that day, and maybe if I’m lucky, breakfast with her the next morning before I leave Korea.  The good news is that this is that while this is the first meeting, it certainly won’t be the last.  I’m hoping to be able to go to The Gathering in Korea next year, and of course, spend time with my birth mom.

The other news is that my mom has not yet told anyone else in our family about me.  The only people in her family that know about me are her older sister and her daughter.  I’m not necessarily surprised that she hasn’t told anyone else.  If anything I’m happy that my aunt and sister know about me.  Well that’s about it for now.  As always thanks for reading!  -GS


3 Comments on “Birth Family Updates

  1. I would like to wish you best of luck in meeting your birth mom. I’m sure you must have a world of conflicting emotions going on inside you! I hope your trip overseas is smooth and that the outcome is as positive as possible for all of you.

  2. I, too, just discovered that I’ll be meeting more “family” than I initially expected.

    I will also be meeting my birth mother’s older sister along with her 3 adult children (my “cousins”)–two sons and a daughter as well as my birth mother’s younger daughter and possibly her daughter (my niece) and husband. But there are also still lots of family members who don’t know anything about me yet…both on my birth mother’s side and my birth father’s side, including three half-siblings and other aunts, uncles, cousins…

    i totally relate to “This adds a whole new dimension to my first meeting since the two of them will be there.”

    what an adventure…

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