2009 Korean Government Scholarship for Grad. Students

Wow, this looks like a great scholarship.  Thanks to Dae-won from GOAL for spreading the news.  This scholarship is an increbidle opportunity for anyone who has thought about moving to Korea for an extended period of time.  Not only is your airfare covered, but a monthly allowance for living expenses, and “additional allowances.”  You can choose a Master’s Program (three years) or a Doctoral Program (four years).  The first year is only learning Korean, which to me sounds great!

And….get this “There are no limits in regards to nationality and number of applicants.”  It does depend on your country’s own stipulations but they urge you to check with your Korean consulate for more information.

Let’s review shall we?  Free roundtrip airfare, a Master’s/Doc program, learn Korean, monthly allowance, additional allowances and…LIVE IN KOREA!!!  Maybe I’m getting too excited about this, but it is a great scholarship opportunity.

GOAL needs all applications probably a week or two before  June 12, 2009, to be eligible.  Term starts in the fall of this year.  And don’t worry, this scholarship isn’t going anywhere.  There will be more next year!  Good luck -GS

(By the way, I’ve attached a copy of the application).  You can also check out the GOAL website for details:  www.goal.or.kr


2 Comments on “2009 Korean Government Scholarship for Grad. Students

  1. Hi, I’m just a little confused. I read some of the info regarding the GOAL scholarship and some of the related sites, which fees are not included in the scholarship? And they only accept foreigners with Korean descent? Thanks for your help.

  2. Crisner,
    GOAL is an organization created by and for the international adult Korean adoptee diaspora. That is why the eligibility is the way it is. Also, you should check with GOAL because fees may change year to year.


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