Domestic Korean Adoptions Increase

More and more there seems to be growing support in Korea, for domestic adoptions. Korea has seen a dramatic increase of domestic adoptions, now a little over double the number of adoptions in the past 10 years. The Korean government has instituted a national adoption day, and celebs have hopped on the “Brangelina” band-wagon.  Even Korean dramas, movies, and even adoptee search programs have gained traction in the public eye.  Still it seems, the country is divided on adoption.  But there are signs that the country’s stance on domestic adoption are changing.  Just several years ago, Korean domestic adoption numbers surpassed the number of intercountry adoptions; a feat that shows that domestic adoptions have have reached the tipping point.

But still many adoptive parents in Korea choose to not tell their children of their adoption preferring to keep it a secret.  Many parents wish to protect their children from disadvantages or prejudice they feel would affect their adopted children.

One new trend in Korea has been the rise of adoptions to parents who are fertile.  A recent Joongang article talks about one family who adopted and conceived biologically.  Take a look at the article and let me know what YOU think.  -GS

Source:  Holt Children's Services

Source: Holt Children's Services

Even fertile parents are deciding to adopt kids


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