MPR Looking for MN KADs

I just wanted to pass this opportunity along for those of you KADs out in Minnesota.  Minnesota Public Radio is looking for KADs to comment on the decline of adoptions and the Korean government’s aim of eliminating intercountry adoption all together.    GS

What does ending adoptions from South Korea mean to you?

Last month, South Korea announced plans to end international adoptions
by 2012. Minnesota has one of the largest Korean American adoptee
populations in the country, and Minnesota Public Radio News wants to
learn how this change will affect our state.

If you were adopted from a family in Korea or know someone who was,
how will this halt to adoptions change your life or your community?

Share your insights by clicking here

International adoptions, in general, have declined in recent years,
mostly as countries including the United States struggle to enact and
enforce fair practices. Still, it’s been estimated that 50 percent of
Minnesota’s Korean Americans are international adoptees. Now that the
call to end these adoptions is becoming a reality, how will your
community deal with the change?

How, specifically, is your family and community reacting to this news?
Is this a victory for Korean-American adoptees, a defeat, or is it
bittersweet? How will this change affect you personally?

Share your insights and experiences, your fears and observations. Then
please pass this message along to a friend who has experience with
this issue.


Whitney Stark

Minnesota Public Radio News
Public Insight Journalism


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