Holt Names New CEO

Just saw this tidbit about Holt’s new CEO, Kim Brown who is a Korean Adoptee.  Apparently he was the first KAD to serve as Board Chair.  The new Board Chair, Will Dantzler, is also a Korean Adoptee.

Holt International Children’s Services Names New CEO

Eugene, OR— The board of directors of Holt International announced today that Kim Brown has been elected to the position of Holt Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Mr. Brown has served on the Holt board since 1999 and was the first adoptee selected as board chair.

During its annual board meeting, the board also elected Will Dantzler of Manassas, VA as the organization’s new chair. Dantzler, who is also a Korean adoptee, expressed his gratitude to the organization that was responsible for finding him a family. “Serving as a member of the board, and now as the board chair, is an honor as well as an opportunity to ‘give back’ to this amazing organization. I join the rest of the board in looking forward to Kim Brown as Holt’s new CEO.”

Dantzler stated, “These are challenging times for international adoption. The board unanimously believes that Kim is uniquely positioned to lead Holt during this critical time of uncertainty in the global economy and worldwide changes for intercountry adoption and child welfare.”

Brown has an extensive background in business and organizational management. In addition to his personal experience as a Korean adoptee, Kim and his wife, Lori, are the parents of two children whom they adopted from Korea. “I have come full circle, both as a Korean adoptee and as an adoptive parent. In addition to the business and management experience I need for this job, I have the personal life changing experience of adoption as well.”


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