Adoptees Murdered, and Placed in Freezer

This is yet another sad story.  Two girls ages 9 and 11 were murdered by their adoptive mother, and were moved from location to location until being placed in their mother’s freezer in her basement.  It’s a tragedy, and even moreso that this woman was allowed to adopt after receiving a misdemeanor in 1999 for allegedly “threats to do bodily harm.”  It included a year of probation.  Not to mention she had filed for bankruptcy the same year her first daughter had been adopted.

Initially, the woman who has not yet been charged for the murders, was investigated for reports of child abuse to her youngest daughter who was also adopted.  The daughter had escaped her home and was found wandering aimlessly with marks and bruises on her body.  Authorities who then investigated found the two bodies in the freezer.  Authorities believe the bodies had been frozen for about a year.  She has been jailed while the investigation continues.  The cause of death has yet to be determined.

According to the Washington Post, officials at a press conference claimed they “…did not know whether a misdemeanor conviction would prevent an adoption.”  The private agency in charge of the placement, did not comment after initial reports came out regarding this case.

Of course this raises some very large questions about D.C.’s Dept. of Social Services adoption screening process.

To read more about the case please take a look at the Washington Post articles and Boston Globe articles below.  The second Post article has more detail and also has a short video clip.


Washington Post Article #1

Washington Post Article #2 (With video)

Boston Globe Article


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