Save KoreAm Journal!

Some of you have probably heard of KoreAm Journal, but for those of you who are not familiar with it.  It is one of the largest, if not the largest Korean American magazines available nationally.  It’s a monthly zine with a considerably large readership.  However, due to financial difficulties they are at a crossroad.  They need YOUR support!  Keep this wonderful publication alive by getting your membership today.  Here’s a message I received from KAJA on the K@W list.

Click HERE to view their website.

Aug. 15, 2008

Hi, KAJA members and friends,

Please take a few minutes to go to the Internet and sign up for a subscription to KoreAm Journal, an English-language monthly magazine based in Southern California.

Today is the first day of a “Save KoreAm Journal” campaign by this magazine, which is in jeopardy of having to close due to financial hardship. Founded in 1990, this magazine is a major outlet for Korean-American and Asian-American writers, and a resource for the young generation of KAs and Asian Americans. Audrey, a fashion magazine, is a sister publication.

This link: http://www.koreamjo <>
will take you to the “Subscribe” page for KoreaAm Journal. This page also includes a button for PayPal payments.

You have probably seen issues of KoreAm Journal — it’s a glossy magazine, loaded with color. Its cover celebrities have included top Korean Americans in the realm of sports, films and business, such as Michelle Wie, US Weekly top editor Janice Min and actress Sandra Oh.

Please feel free to forward this email to others.

btw, it’s pronounced KOR-REE-AM.

Thank you for your concern and support. Below is some background material from the KoreAm Journal website about its demographics and its history.

Counting on you to make a difference!

Best regards,
Carolyn Lee

KAJA President
cleehawaii AT gmail DOT com
Freelancer based in Newport Beach, CA

KoreAm Journal General Overview
Established in 1990, KoreAm Journal is a rapidly growing monthly magazine that highlights the news, stories and issues of Korean Americans nationwide. What started as a local paper went national in 1997 with a new journal format. In February 1999 KoreAm Journal emerged as a glossy magazine and became available at select newsstands and bookstores across North America and Korea. The publication is now published entirely in color.

By embracing all generations, including the mixed-race and adoptee communities, KoreAm Journal has become the most widely circulated (more than 40,000 readers), longest-running, independent English-language publication serving the Korean American community. It has been featured in publications, including Atlantic Monthly and Monolid, and KoreAm articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times Syndicate.

Mission Statement
KoreAm Journal’s mission is to provide depth and insight into the evolving Korean American experience.


* May, 2008, Asian Pacific American Community Award by Assembly member Ted Lieu.

* 2005 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards, Region 5: Best Nonfiction Magazine Features

* 2004 New California Media Awards: International; Youth Voice; Workplace Issues/Economy; Investigative/In-depth (runner-up); Arts, Sports & Entertainment (runner-up)

* 2003 New California Media Awards: Arts/Culture

* 2003 PACE Setter Award presented by the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

* 2002 Outstanding Service on Behalf of the Korean American Community presented by the Korean American Bar Association of Southern California

* 2002 Annual Community Service Award presented by the Korean American Coalition San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

* 2000 GLAAD Media Award nominee


KoreAm Journal is now available at select newsstands and bookstores throughout the Unites States including Barnes and Noble, and Borders locations. And with the recent unveiling of a redesigned KoreAm Journal website, which includes a search engine that can access an archive of all our past articles, this is an exciting time for our publication. We here at KoreAm Journal hope that you will be able to play an integral part in our progress and development.

KoreAm offers advertising opportunities for both print and electronic media. For more information regarding advertising in KoreAm or this website, email James Ryu at  <> james AT koreamjournal DOT com.
Advertising Data
KoreAm Established: April 1990

U.S. Subscribers 33,723
Sales And Distribution* 3,000
Community Groups 3,246

Subscribers: nationwide via U.S. mail
New readers: via major bookstores (Borders, Tower Records, etc.)
Cost: $3.95 per issue
Subscription Rate: 28.00/yr. (12 Issues)
Average number of pages per issue: 100
Frequency: Monthly
53%  Female
47%  Male
Average Age:
23%  Ages 18 to 24
48%  Ages 25 to 34
29%  Ages 34 and up
11%  Attending college
58%  College graduates
19%  Advanced degrees
Household Income:
12%  $0.00 – $23,999
17%  $24,000 – $35,999
37%  $36,000 – $69,999
25%  $70,000 – $99,999
9%    $100,000 +
The U.S. Census Bureau in 1990 reported that the Korean American population had grown by more than 25%. Now, according to the 2000 Census, there are 1.1 million people of Korean descent living in the United States, making Korean Americans the fourth largest Asian group.

* Cover/feature stories (people or issues making headlines)
* Departments (Letters, Spotlight, Street Talk, Banana Man, Artists Trax, Stories Behind the Han, and more)
* Regional news (California, East Coast, Hawaii, Korea)
* Community Network (a resource guide to Korean American nonprofit organizations)

Korean Air, Federal Bureau of Investigation, California Design College, Duracoat, Chamjinisulro, Southern California Edison, AT&T, Asiana Airlines,, Anheuser Busch (Budweiser, Michelob), Bacardi, Oxford Palace Hotel, California Korea Bank, Ford, California Center Bank, The California Lottery, Coca-Cola, Crown Royal, Disneyland, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, GTE, Hyundai Motor America, John Hancock, Dish Network, Kang & Lee Advertising, Merrill Lynch, Kia Motors America, Miller Brewing, Pacific Bell, State Farm, Paine Webber, Remy Martin, Samsung America, Cal Teach, 10-10-220, Johnnie Walker, Eurochow, Hennessy, Nara Bank, Washington Mutual,


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