Robot Stories

I had heard about the movie Robot Stories for quite some time but have had trouble finding it until recently.  I was finally able to get it on Netflix.

Robot Stories involves a virtually all Asian American cast and revolves around four stories of families and individuals’ interactions with robots.  I enjoyed each story, but one in particular that I thought I’d share was the first.

The first story, starring Tamlyn Tomita, portrays a middle-aged Asian American couple’s quest to adopt a baby.  The whole notion of an Asian American family adopting is a progressive one-yet increasing in popularity.  CAUTION SPOILER AHEAD.

The couple is given a robot as a literal litmus test for whether they are ready for parenthood.  The rotund little robot looks like a large egg and exhibits all the tendencies of a newborn.  Tomita’s character cuts corners as she consults her dad on ways to hardwire the robot to receive programming code that will reflect that she has taken care of the baby while her partner is away on business.  Yet it all backfires in the end and she is reminded of her own past as a child growing up.  Although it’s a short story, I found it entertaining and was appreciative that Director Greg Pak added a new dimension to transracial Asian adoption.

I suggest you check it out if you can.  GS

Robot Stories IMDB


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