Doongji KAD Services

Hi all – Here’s some information about an organization that I have mentioned in the past.  It’s called Doongji and means “nest” in Korean.  It’s an org that supports KADs both visit Korea and attempt to track down birth parents.  I can’t personally vouch for it since I haven’t used it, but I do think it’s a great service they provide and you should look into it if you’re interested in both visiting Korean and conducting a birth search.  GS

My name is John Kim and I work for agency call Doongji.

Doongji ( meaning a “nest” in Korean ) is an association of people to give a little support to our brothers and sisters who were adopted abroad, so they can visit their mother country.

About couple of month ago, one of our participants from France visited our agency asking for help to find his birth parents and got the chance to meet his birth mother. Doongji still keeps a good relationship with both participant and his mother through translating their exchanging letters. And again, this participant is coming to see his mother next month and Doongji also will be there for them. Like this story, Doongji knows the importance of keeping a good relationship with every participants who have visited our agency.

If anyone of you or your friends have interested in visiting Korea or finding birth parents, please contact us. Doongji will try our best to support your needs including airport pick-up and finding homestays. We won’t charge you anything for these services. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us by e-mail

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

John gun-young Kim

Doongji (NestKorea)


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