Dead Baby Found Abandoned

As with many of these stories, this one is just as tragic and as graphic.  A baby was found dead in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in Fontana California.  It was November of 2006 that another baby was found dead and abandoned-a crime that finds the mother of this most recent death facing murder charges if she is found.

California however, is a state like many others, with safe surrender laws allowing for birth mother’s to relinquish their children 72 hours after birth at either a hospital or fire station.  Since the bill’s passing, state social workers have found it to be effective.  However, abandonments and deaths of babies are still prevalent in this particular county.

While the Governor seems unmoved by this sort of legislation, 50 states in the country have adopted safe surrender laws, with another 31 states allowing for up to seven days for birth mother’s to relinquish their children.

It’s a case that reminds us of the ongoing discussions in Asia regarding Public Baby Cradles.  Countries continue to debate the pros and cons associated with having not just safe surrender legislation, but anonymous wards to relinquish their children to.

Take a look at the article.  GS


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