Adoptee Network Replaces Adopted Online

The Saddington brothers have shut down their Adopted Online social networking site, but have created Adoptee Network in its place.

For more information, or to sign up for the Adoptee Network, you can visit their website at

Here’s some information about their new site and a message from the creators.

Our Vision is a web-based, global network where Adoptees can safely communicate and encourage one another, and where Adoptive and Birth Parents can share their wisdom and experience with other Parents, as well as Adoptees, in a loving and constructive way.

Our Mission exists to connect Adoptees, Adoptive Parents, and Birth Parents with each other and with others worldwide through the creation of a safe, effective, and valuable medium, using the latest web technology.

This network exists to allow and encourage Adoptees to embrace their identity, love who they are, and share their experiences for the benefit and encouragement of others, while promoting awareness and education regarding all things adoption-related. exists to reflect God’s perfect love for children and families.

Our Story

It all started back in ’82. Two South Korean boys were born and were given up for adoption. Within a year, they were in the Garden State, happily yelling “bap” (which is “rice” in Korean) at their new loving parents.

Growing up wasn’t easy: Having another person look nearly identical to yourself in addition to having one’s parents look nothing like you was a little stressful on both John and Peter, who struggled with their identity for many years. Clearly, being adopted twins was tough.

But at least they had each other.

They did everything the same until it came time for college: One went to become a Yellow Jacket while the other tried his grit living off the cold shore of Lake Ontario. That didn’t last as long as expected and he headed back south to become a Seminole. After their rollercoaster freshman year, a year of great testing for both of them in regards to “identity” and “finding oneself” in the college scene, they went home to discuss and share the wild stories.

It was during that summer in which the decision was made that something had to be done about their adoption; something a little larger than themselves. During a road trip half-way through the Summer of ’02, between gulps of Red Bull and slices of spicy beef jerky, John and Peter began brainstorming a business plan for engaging the adopted community and strategies for connecting and networking with them from around the world. They wanted to figure out a way to grow with others, share stories and experiences, encourage and empower others who struggle with their identity, and engage and change the world. As you might guess, the discussion and talk was passionate and exciting, which was a very good thing because the passion had to last: It would take another 5 years for anything to get started.

John and Peter graduated, one a little before the other, and began working and developing their identities outside of the University-setting. Peter began to travel the world, living in South Korea for a bit, learning more about the Korean culture and his own heritage while paying the bills by being a Professional Business Consultant. John got married to his sweetheart from a rival school and began discovering his identity as a husband. Pete then moved back to the US and continued his stint as a Consultant, became a student again, and invested heavily into a local ministry. John became a Texan, started on his Masters Degree, became a Youth Pastor, began to work at the biggest eCommerce company on the planet, and to top it off, became a father.

Lots of change!

But the one thing they didn’t forget (and how could they?) was their passion for Adoption. When they started talking about their passion again with each other in July, 2007, there wasn’t much that was different in their conversations; the biggest difference was what they had learned and experienced in the last 5 years. They now had enough business acumen and technological expertise to create and develop the place they had thought about 5 years prior. So they put their heads together and got to work.

What they created was  Using some of the latest web technology at the time, and capitalizing on the Web 2.0 and Social Networking movement, they launched the Beta site on July 25th, 2007.  There was a groundswell of interest and the AdoptedOnline Community began to grow.

Running in Beta for nearly a year, they collected lessons-learned, feedback, and increasing business and technological experience.  When the first anniversary drew close they began to seriously consider where the site was to head, knowing what the first year held.  The net result was to move the entire site to a brand new and more dynamic and powerful technological platform.  In addition, they rebranded the site and the entire look and feel into what you see today:  The site launched successfully on Independence Day, 2008.

John and Peter are pretty hopeful for the future!

Every year, children are put up for adoption. Every year, adoptive parents are looking for advice and guidance on how to raise them. Every year, adoptees begin to question their identity. Every year, adoptees get married and then have children. And every year from here on out, AdopteeNetwork hopes to engage all of them, bring them under one roof, build community, encourage and support them, and let them know that they are not alone.

Join us and help us build the Adoption Network Community Online!


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