Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN)

I just wanted to give a brief shout out to the Filipino Adoptees Network also known as (FAN).   The organization was co-founded by Lorial Crowder and Sharon Cuartero.  Take a minute to look at their site and the work they do.  GS


Mission Statement

The Filipino Adoptees Network (F.A.N.) is a global organization dedicated to supporting, educating and promoting cultural awareness on adoption issues and preserving Filipino heritage.

We will accomplish our mission and initiatives by:

  • Creating a resource center for Filipino adoptees offering adoption and cultural connections to related web sites and organizations;
  • Encouraging adoptees to explore their heritage as Filipinos by providing a sensitive and nurturing setting;
  • Strengthening the network of Filipino adoptees by partnering with other adoptees and utilizing community resources;
  • Collaborating with the Filipino community to encourage cultural exchange and understanding;
  • Educating others about the international adoption experience;
  • Sharing our experiences and developing a strong and nurturing support system;
  • Hosting the first ever Filipino Adoptees Conference in the United States and organizing future gatherings and homeland visits


Thanks to the internet, Lorial Crowder and Sharon Cuartero were recently reunited after a decade of having no communication. By happenstance both wanted to develop a website for fellow adoptees from the Philippines – to speak out and share our experiences, network with other adoptees and provide a one stop resource portal to learn about the rich culture of the Philippines and Filipino communities in the United States and elsewhere.  It is our hope that the FAN website will provide the online community that was not available to us as we were growing up and to be a support network to adoptees as they venture to cope, understand, share and celebrate their adoption.

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