Sampan News Paper Adoption Articles

Although the Sampan’s latest articles are not yet available on the web, the print version is out and there are a few articles related to transracial adoption.  I’ll be sure to post links to them as soon as they are made available on the web.  For more information on the Sampan you can visit their website:

The first article details the latest Hague Convention stipulations-regulations that now make distinct applications based on whether or not a country is a Hague Convention country.

The second article details a new DNA test that has been mandated by the Ho Chi Minh City USCIS for all Vietnamese adoptees to determine that a child is in fact an orphan.  Those children relinquished by birth parents will be mandated to verify that they are indeed their bio-kids.  The idea is supposedly to cut down on the number of adoptions that take place with out the birth parents actual consent.

As we all know, the US and Vietnam will no longer be engaged in intercountry adoption past this year, however, but this law is supposed to speed up the process for prospective adoptive parents who’s child’s bio-parent has been identified.

There is much more information regarding new forms which will be mandated as well.  I’ll be sure to post the rest of the articles when they are made available.  GS


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