Adoption Headlines

There’s a lot of Adoptee News Headlines to check out. So below, I’ve compiled a few for you to stay up on.

1) I’m proud to say that a friend of mine Lee Herrick, who is a KAD poet was featured in the April 2008 issues of KoreAm. There’s no hyperlink for now, but be sure to pick up a copy or subscribe!

2) While adoptions from Vietnam continue to grow, trafficking and illegal selling of babies is occurring in Vietnam today. The US Embassy released a report to AP detailing the corruption and fraud that has been taking place in Vietnamese adoptions. Here is the article.

3) A Korean family adopted an Indonesian girl, but has been facing quite a bit of opposition from their church and community members. They say she has suffered from teasing which includes the color of her skin which some of her peers have used in calling her “African.” There’s also an interesting chart toward the bottom of the article detailing International and Domestic Korean adoption since 2002. Here’s the link.

4) I’m attempting to bring Adoptee artists into the spotlight, so I hope you’ll take a look at Mayda Miller. She’s a Korean adoptee out of St. Paul Minnesota. With a great voice and tracks that aim to “Break your stereo, Break your stereotype!” I think you’ll enjoy Miller’s music. Check her out on Myspace.


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