Korea Travel Scholarships Following KAAN in Chicago

I usually post these sort of things under opportunities, but I thought that this was a really great opportunity and why not forward it along.  Pretty cheap rates if you ask me, and good company of course!

Korea Trip Scholarships AvailableShare

KAAN is supporting Carolyn Scholl ( a Korean Adoptee who is
vice president of AKA Southern California) to lead an adoptee trip to
Korea following our conference. Carolyn raised $15,000 for adoptee
scholarships for her trip through a Korean organization called Melody
Life. KAAN’s only role is lending its non-profit status to Carolyn so
that the Korean organization could raise money for a non-profit. All
the funds Carolyn raised go to support the trip.

The trip will leave July 22nd, actually late night on July 21st and
return on July 30th. The cost is $2450 including airfare, lodging, and
most meals. For those with financial need and for whom it is a first
to Korea, we have several scholarships remaining. The scholarship is
half the cost, so the cost for them would be $1500 – but that includes
airfare as I said.

Also for anyone going on this trip, we have someone willing to donate
cost of their KAAN Conference registration and hotel during the
conference if they want to attend, since it is just prior to the trip.

I am helping Carolyn to get the word out as she has about 15 slots
remaining. Anyone who is interested should contact Carolyn at
carolynscholl@mac.com . They can also get more information and
application forms on our website at www.friendsofkorea.org click on
Adoptee Trip to Korea. Because the airline needs a deposit to hold the
space, the application deadline is April 15th!!


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