New Misplaced Baggage Blog Collaboration

I just wanted to help spread the word about a new blog collaboration. It’s called Misplaced Baggage and is a collaborative blog started by Anh Dao Kolbe, Kevin Minh Allen, and Sumeia Williams. I’ll paste some info about it below. Check it out! GS 

Our Mission Statement:

The first of its kind, Misplaced Baggage is the collaborative effort of three Vietnamese adult adoptees from diverse backgrounds. We were brought together through our interest in contributing to the Vietnamese adoptee community. Noticing a lack of critical representation, we came together to offer an alternate perspective on Vietnamese adoptee history and experience.

The title Misplaced Baggage is the brainchild of Anh Ðào Kolbe. Although it may hold a different meaning for each of us, collectively it represents our transient existence and the uncertainty through which we navigate.”

Today marks the occasion of the launch of a blog by Anh Ðào Kolbe. Sumeia Williams and me, Kevin Mînh Allen, called Misplaced Baggage. The impetus for this collaboration was the fact that we were born around the same time (1970s), in the same country (South Vietnam) and adopted by Caucasian parents in the U.S (prior to Operation Babylift). However, our experiences growing up as American citizens (with Asian faces) and our family and regional backgrounds are quite different. This is what sets us apart, yet also unites us. We have seen in each other’s creative work forces to be reckoned with and a talent for unmasking myths and creating stepping stones that bring us closer to…What? We still don’t know. And, that’s beauty of it. We have opened up yet another space for us to roam and explore.”


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