“The Hanji Box”

Thanks to our friends at K@W for this tip.  -GS

Dear Friends & Members of the Adoptee/Adoption Community,

Since 2005, I have been working with an independent filmmaker, Nora
Jacobson, as a researcher & promoter on a film called “The Hanji Box.” As a
Korean-American adoptee with an extensive background in Korean orphanage
volunteer work, I provided some information about Korean adoption, orphans,
and orphanages. The movie is about an American adoptive mother goes to S.
Korea to discover her daughter’s birth story. It is the first ever US-Korean
co-produced film and stars Amy Irving (Anastasia, Carrie) and Baek Yoon-shik
(The President’s Last Bang) as well as Yunjin Kim (ABC’s “Lost”).

The film is in pre-production, and we are currently seeking investments (of
at least $10,000) to raise the remaining $1.2 million to necessary to
begin production. Filming will begin either this spring or fall. For an
early review, see Darcy Paquet’s article in Variety:

Please see the attachment for more information and let me know if you, an
organization, or someone you know is interested in this investment
opportunity. Please also forward this message on to others who may be
interested. I am hoping that you can help connect me with either the
Korean-American or adoptee communities who may be interested in supporting
this film. We will pay a small finder’s fee for connections you provide that
lead to investments in the film.

Thanks for your assistance,

Aimee Jachym
(734) 308-6946


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