The OAK Spring Issue Seeks Submissions

Just got word that The OAK Spring Issue is approaching its submission deadline.  G.S.
Contact: Terry O’Brien, The OAK Editor in Chief /

A Call for Submissions: The OAK Spring Issue 2008
안녕 하세요
As your new editor-in-chief, I would like invite everyone to submit something for the spring issue of The OAK, big or small, light-hearted or serious, artistic or political. Really, anything will be considered for publication. The spring issue  will be printed in April so I ask you to send your submissions by March 10, 2008 . Hopefully this will give you plenty of time to think and write about whatever is on your mind. But time does fly, so sooner is always better than later, and much better than never!
We are looking for people living in or outside of Korea to submit any of the following:
1.  Reports of GOA’L Activities and Events. I would especially like to hear what people have to say about the past Xmas party
2.  Front cover designs or any visual artwork for the newsletter
3.  Photos that would be of interest to the adoptee community
4.  Creative writing (creative non-fiction, poem, fiction, short play)
5.  Any form of essay (biography, travelogue, narrative, opinion) 
6.  Anything else not mentioned above that you think would be of interest to OAK’s readers  
Submission Criteria
*Include a brief bio and photo of yourself if you are a new contributor
*Try to keep written submissions to a maximum of 1000 words
*Visual media (photos, drawings, etc) should be at least 300 dpi in jpeg, pdf, or ai format. You may submit as many works as you would like.  
*Send all submissions to ( *The email address  for submission printed in the past winter issue is no longer valid)
Thank you all for your continued interest and support! I look forward to seeing all of your contributions  
Terry O’Brien,
The OAK Editor in Chief

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