Adoptive Parent Kills KAD Daughter

American woman charged with murder of baby adopted from S. Korea SEOUL, Dec. 16 (Yonhap) — A 28-year-old American woman has been arrested in the United States on charges of killing a one-year-old girl she and her husband adopted from South Korea about six months ago, a U.S. media report said Sunday.Rebecca Kyrie was charged Friday by police in Hamilton County, Indiana, in connection with the death of Chung Hei-min, who suffered fatal brain injuries in September, the report said.The news came days after a Dutch diplomat in Hong Kong drew public fire for allegedly abandoning a seven-year-old South Korean-born girl he and his wife adopted as an infant.Chung was adopted to the Kyries in June through Bethany Christian Services and was called Chaeli by her adoptive parents.Police alleged that Kyrie shook the baby girl so violently on Sept. 3, causing abusive head trauma which resulted in her death the next day. Her husband, David, was at work at the time, and her two biological sons were with her. Although Kyrie denies the charges, her six-year-old son is reported to have told an investigator that his mother told him not to say what happened to the girl, the report said.Kyle was known among her neighbors for being a regular churchgoer who even performed dance interpretations of Bible stories at the church.In an interview with Indianapolis-based TV news, 6News, her brother, George Cooper said Kyle, a extremely loving and caring mother, would not have abused the child.”There’s every possibility in my mind that this was a pre-existing condition and that it just took time to bear itself out,” he


3 Comments on “Adoptive Parent Kills KAD Daughter

  1. I would encourage you to consider a different title for this article: Adoptive Mother Accused of Killing KAD Daughter. That is true. It is not necessarily true that she killed her daughter.

    The medical diagnosis (Shaken Baby Syndrome) that led to her accusation is based on two assumptions that are unproved, even disproved. One assumption is that certain symptoms can ONLY be caused by abuse. Several known alternative causes exist (GA1, HLH, Menke’s disease, Vitamin K deficiency) and there may certainly be unknown ones. A recent study reported that 25% of newborns symptoms, which are invisible unless an expensive test is done. That finding was a big surprise to doctors, but accusations continue anyway.

    Another assumption is that serious symptoms manifest almost immediately. In 1999, a baby girl was admitted to a hospital in Wisconsin. None of the medically-trained people in the hospital suspected anything too serious. A nurse noticed her labored breathing 16 HOURS LATER and rushed her to intensive care, where she later died. (American Journal of Forensic and Medical Pathology, March 2002, p. 105) There are several other cases of delayed collapse. Yet a doctor in this case said “[Symptoms] would occur within minutes to one hour of the abuse.”

    Pediatricians in the United States are trained to “think dirty”, to suspect child abuse anytime they see even a small bruise on a child. They often diagnose abuse without seriously considering alternatives! This baby was premature and had significant health problems from birth. She was rejected for medical reasons by her first prospective adoptive family. From the day she arrived at her adoptive home she went back and forth to the doctors almost weekly with significant, varied symptoms. The baby was scheduled for major diagnostic testing. It was to have been done just a day after her collapse and subsequent death.

    The young parents of this little girl spent tens of thousands of dollars to adopt her. They have children of their own but the accused mother had wanted since childhood to adopt a baby. She had worked in orphanages overseas before marrying and starting her own family. She has two children of her own but made great sacrifices to adopt a baby who had no home into her own home.

    I don’t think anyone can conclude from the accusation that this woman is guilty of murder. I don’t think the facts support the accusation. I urge everyone to avoid prejudging this case and I pray TRUTH will be found and justice will prevail.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your comment. Although I agree there may be other medical interpretations, it seems fairly clear in this article and is validated by the mother’s six year old son. That much seems quite clear.

    And by the way, what exactly does your statement “They have children of their own,” mean? If you’re referring to adoptive parents having “biological” children I would urge you to not use that phrase in reference to adopted children. As an adoptee that phrase is ridiculously offensive and you’ve used it twice through out your comment. Furthermore, adoption is not a charity case. Adoptive parents are NOT rescuing children from third world countries. We are not forever indebted to our adoptive parents for this, that much should be made clear.

    I respect your opinion disputing the charges set against this mother, and I hold my own opinions, but I really don’t appreciate your careless comments on adoption. Please try to keep this in mind in the future.


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