Minority Foster Care Agencies in NYC

“It is clear, then, that the power of the collapse of Mr. Medina’s dreams — and those of the failed minority agencies — is a consequence of the promise they held: to be better and more committed in caring for the vulnerable families in their own communities….”

“Today, St. Christopher’s has a new management team, with a white executive director. The state has granted it several contracts to run educational programs for some of the same vulnerable children that had been in its now-defunct foster care programs. City and state officials have given the agency’s recent work high marks.”

Here’s a few short clip from a piece that just appeared in the New York Times about Minority foster care agencies in NYC.  I think unfortunately the tone at the end of this story is very racialized.  Ending by saying that there was a White director who was making progress and received high-marks cuts to the very inflammatory nature of this story.

I don’t know enough about the history of foster care nationally and certainly not in NYC.  But I do know as an adoptee that there is far less done to critically examine the complexities of the foster care system in the U.S. especially in impoverished cities and neighborhoods of color.  Mr. Medina’s stance was indeed a courageous one looking to give these children of color better treatment.  Unfortunately he failed quite aggressively.  But this article seems to point at his failures as a testament to the inadequacies of people of color in dictating solutions to problems stemming in our own communities.

In fact, adding that paragraph at the end showing how well the agency has done as a result of their new Director being White puts the final nail in the coffin.  There was no other intention in that paragraph other than discrediting Mr. Medina’s work on the basis of race.  I hope you can muster the courage to read through this article.  I’d love to hear thoughts.  G.S.


One Comment on “Minority Foster Care Agencies in NYC

  1. I have the same critique of the article and it’s accompanying others. The entire tone of the series is that most minority run (and I dislike that term) organizations are failing and that white people know how to do things better. And I completely agree with your analysis of this article, especially that last part.

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