KAD Directory in Korea

 This is a really interesting project that I’m pretty interested in.  Apparently GOAL has helped compile a directory o f KAD photos which they are using as a device to raise awareness of international adoption.  They’re making these directories available at various train stations through out the country in hopes of not only spreading awareness, but also I would hope they are trying to attract attention of birth families.



Nicole Sheppard, Vice Secretary General
Mobile: (82) 10-6399-3401


SEOUL, Korea – October 29, 2007 – Beginning November 1st, Global
Overseas Adoptees¡¯ Link (G.O.A.¡¯L) will set-up informational
booths at major train stations around the Korean peninsula to
promote awareness of international adoption and efforts to connect
overseas adopted Koreans with their Korean birth families.

In support of this campaign, through funding provided by the
Ministry of Health and Welfare, G.O.A.¡¯L published, Now, We¡¯re
one Family Again (English translation of title), a 3-color search
directory book featuring 160 overseas adopted Koreans who are
searching for their Korean families. This directory was first made
public through YTN International news channel in February 2007, and
was distributed to members of the Korean National Assembly and
public offices nationwide in April and May 2007.

November 1st, Seoul Station will be the official first site of the
campaign with staff and volunteers handing out informational
materials about birth family search, process and ways to contact the
adoptees featured in the search directory and on the G.O.A.¡¯L
website database. November 8th, the campaign will move to Busan
Train Station, Gyeongsan Province, and November 15th will culminate
at Gwangju Train Station in Jeolla Province.

G.O.A.’L is a registered non-profit, NGO adoptee organization based
in Seoul, Korea founded by overseas adopted Koreans in 1998.
Beginning as a network to assist overseas Korean adoptees returning
to Korea to access Korean society by bridging barriers of language
and culture, G.O.A.¡¯L has worked tirelessly to educate, create a
voice for and increase recognition of overseas adopted Koreans in
their homeland through lobbying the Korean government, organizing an
annual conference addressing adoption-related issues, publishing a
regular bi-lingual newsletter and coordinating public education,
networking & social events.

G.O.A.¡¯L has grown into an organization that provides post-
adoption services including: birth family search assistance,
translation/interpretation, 1-on-1 Korean language tutoring,
scholarships for Korean language study at well-known Korean
universities, referrals to partner organizations, advice on visiting
or living in Korea and assistance with accessing basic services in
Korea such as opening a bank account, setting-up mobile phone
service or obtaining the F-4 visa, etc.

For more information: www.goal.or.kr
Contact: ia_goal@yahoo.com


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