Foster Care Latino Culture Considered, Why Not Asian?

The proximity of this article to the article I posted a day ago are very similar.  Both portray a family who is temporarily (for whatever reason) unable to take care of their child.  Both children are placed in foster care-in San Diego the cultural importance of raising a child in a similar foster family environment centers around family reunification and the understanding that preserving a child’s cultural heritage is important in the even that the family should be reunited.  In this particular situation, a Chinese child is temporarily put in foster care without these same cultural preservational considerations in mind.  In fact the child is placed in a White household, and when the time comes when the family is able to reclaim custody of their child, the foster family requests to adopt the child.

My initial thought is, these parents must have been told that they may very well act as a temporary living situation for a child if the parents regain custody.  Bust what strikes me as strange is that these situations with Asian/Asian American families in the U.S. and custody battles seem to happen all too frequently.  Perhaps it’s the growing popularity of adopting from Asia that has removed the moral and ethical issues that should vouch for family preservation and cultural preservation that blinds certain families and individuals from seeing more than they want to.

Regardless of who is at fault here, I do think that this family should be given the benefit of the doubt and allowed custody of their own child.  Language barriers are too often a problem that hinders immigrant families from fully understanding the legal system and the intricate web that the DSS casts.  Whether or not the foster family knew, they should realize that while it’s in the best interest for themselves as a family to incorporate this child into theirs, it’s also in the best interest of the birth family to keep their own child part of their own family.

Here’s the article-Hat tip to the K@W listserv….G.S.

Custody battle wages around toddler
By Miya Shay (9/11/07 – KTRK/HOUSTON) – There’s a bitter battle over a two and a half year old boy. His birth family wants him back after they say he was taken from them. But a local couple is saying no.

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Outside the courtroom, the grandmother and aunt of little Raymond Liu wait, hoping that parental rights would not be terminated against his mother and that Raymond can be raised in the family. It is a heart wrenching battle for little Raymond Liu that’s been playing out in court for two weeks.
The toddler was first placed into foster care because his mother suffered from mental illness. Now, the foster parents want to adopt the little boy. But the boy’s aunts and uncles say they want a chance to raise a family member.
“My family can take care of the child,” said Ling Liu, Raymond’s aunt. “We’ve been through all the inspections. I don’t know why they don’t want to give him back to us, his family.”
The Lius are battling against Child Protective Services and the foster parents, Roy and Melanie Young. The Youngs wouldn’t talk to us, but CPS confirms the couple has taken care of Raymond for 18 months. CPS says it didn’t know Raymond had aunts and uncles willing to care for him.
Estella Olguin with Child Protective Services explained, “In this case we didn’t find out about the relatives until a year later, after we already filed to terminate parental rights of the mother.”
But Liu’s attorney paints a different picture.
“Because of language and cultural differences they put the child in an Anglo foster home because that was the easy thing to do, because the family had been pre-approved and they are good people,” said Gary Polland, the birth mother’s attorney.
Now, Asian civil rights group OCA is monitoring the situation, saying it is concerned about tearing a child away from his birth family.
OCA Board Member Jonathan Fong said, “We are concerned and we want to support the family, and what they’re fighting for, which is the best interest of this child.”
I spoke to the Liu family in Chinese. They are often confused by what’s going on. A group of community leaders are getting together to stand behind the Liu family. Meanwhile, the Young family are getting support from their relatives as well. The hearing continues tomorrow.
(Copyright © 2007, KTRK-TV)

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One Comment on “Foster Care Latino Culture Considered, Why Not Asian?

  1. If you are interested in reading more about the custody battle of Raymond Liu, a website has been posted.

    This case should have never happened. CPS stole this baby from a loving grandmother who was taking care of him. The State made it appear that the mentally ill mother put the child in danger when he was happy, healthy, and thriving.

    To read more about the case, go to

    There is also a forum for discussing the case.

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