Adoptee Study in Western Massachusetts

I just thought I’d repost a request I received from a KAD in Western Massachusetts looking for help on some research.  G.S.

Hi all,
My name is Amy Gall and I’m a senior at Hampshire College – a small liberal
arts school in Amherst, MA. I don’t know if any of you would be interested but
for senior thesis I’m going to be interviewing women who were adopted from Korea
during the early to mid 80’s and who were adopted into families, preferably
where there is an older or younger biological child although that doesn’t
neccessarily matter. My sister was adopted from Korea in 1983 and my
relationship with her
is the main catalyst for this project as well as obviously being the reason why
I want to interview the women I just mentioned above. I’m going to be talking
to my sister but I’m also hoping to find two or three other women who would be
willing to share some of their experiences and stories with me over the course
of the next few months. I know that the subject of adoption/ family relations
etc. can be really sensitive and painful but, if any women who live in the
western massachusetts/ five college area would be at all willing to meet with
me or talk to me about your experiences and I would be really appreciative.



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