A Few Updates

I currently have around 200 new emails in my mailbox which have accumulated over the past week and a half. In trying to catch up I decided to throw together a small compendium of noteworthy items. G.S.

1) Korean First Lady Kwon Yang-suk sent a video message to Korean Adoptees attending the IKAA Conference in Korea.

2) A Peruvian adoptee battles with cancer and asks that his one wish be to bring his birth family to see him in the U.S. -Kind of a tear jerker, and I can’t imagine how his family is doing now since the earthquake… read more here

3) “I still felt like a minority. It’s like you’re rejected from your
homeland but also from your adopted land. It was the kind of this
purgatorial state I faced for the first time,” she said.

Her black and white pictures, capturing the solitude and trauma of
adoptees and orphans, are on display at the “Adoptee & Alien: Visions
from the Periphery” exhibition being held at the newly-opened Museum of
Fine Arts at Kyung Hee University. Article Number 3

4) Sadly CARA leaves all Post Adoption work to the agencies. Our unfortunate experience is that the placement agencies as well as the foreign agencies are often not cooperative when it comes to a search for roots.

It would also be very desirable to have post adoption work and counseling for all triad members to be available independently from agencies.

We appreciate that CARA acknowledges our right to ethnicity but we know from our own experiences that many adult adoptees are not even able to travel to India. All they know about India often comes only from books, films, internet etc.

We kindly request the government of India to set up a scheme which enables adoptees to visit our Country of Birth.

We also would like to have the opportunity, support and cooperation to set up an independent organization run by Adoptees for Adoptees who are returning to their Country of Birth, be it just for a holiday visit, an in depths search for roots or even to settle in India. Similar support organizations have been set up in other countries and have been resoundingly helpful to returning adopteees (e.g., GOA�L in Korea). Right now, there is no one to turn to, apart from the often non- cooperative agencies. READ MORE HERE…

5) G.O.A.L.’s Summer 2007 Newsletter READ MORE HERE…

6) An interesting organization called CUB Concerned United Birth Parents READ MORE HERE

7) The 29th Annual AAC Conference will be held on March 26-29, 2008 at the Portland Downtown Waterfront Marriott, 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon 97201 READ MORE HERE

8) The 2008 KAAN Conference will be held in Chicago, July 18-20, 2008. As it
is our TENTH annual national conference our theme will be: Celebrating Ten
Years of Community Building. We are beginning our program selection
process and are soliciting proposals. To download a proposal form got to
<http://www.kaanet.com/> www.kaanet.com click on 2008 Conference.

9) H.O.T (High-Five of Teenagers) show off their acting skills in this short Super Sunday film “WooJHungEurl WeeHaYuh”(For the sake Of Friendship) back during their Candy days. Hee Jun, Woo Hyuk, and Tony are friends that grow up in an orphanage until one day Hee Jun is adopted. As Hee Jun leaves he leaves his ring behind with Tony to remind him of their friendship. Years later, they bump into one another again, but Hee Jun has changed.
This is the feature that got me hooked on H.O.T (that and “Candy”). Read More Here

10)      “It began when he was adopted by two school teachers named Bill and Kandy Hanson, and arrived when he was just a few weeks old from Dallas. The Hansons already had three other adopted kids then, but Andrew was the first African-American one, a black baby coming to live with a white family in a white town.”  READ MORE HERE


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