Children Seized in Adoption Home Raid

More adoption scandal in Guatemala. Whenever there is money involved, these sort of incidents are prone to occur. Whether people want to believe it or not, adoption puts dollar signs over the heads of children. Necessary visas, doctor visits, etc. contribute to the rising costs on adoption. There need to be more safeguards monitoring these sort of home-operations that prey on poor families and take advantage of adoptive parents. Fortunately this operation was shut down. Take a look. G.S.

Children seized in adoption home raid

GUATEMALA CITY — Authorities searched an adoption home run by an American man and his Guatemalan wife and rescued 46 children they believe may have been stolen or coerced from their parents, police said yesterday. Guatemalan National Police spokesman Carlos Calju said the children, ranging in age from a few days to 3 years old, were found Saturday at the Casa Quivira children’s home in Antigua. Calju said Casa Quivira is run by Clifford Phillips of Deland, Fla., and his wife, Sandra Gonzalez. (AP)


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