International Conference on Adoption Studies

Just saw this on the K@W listserv and thought you’d all be interested to see the interest generated by IKAA.  It’s an emerging academic field in the U.S. and apparently internationally as well.  It’s good to see others are noticing.  G.S.

First academic conference on internationally adopted Koreans held in

About 700 internationally adopted Koreans gathered Tuesday for an
academic conference aimed at discussing legal, social and cultural
matters and other various personal issues facing many adoptees, Yonhap
News Agency reported.
The First International Korean Adoptions Studies Research Symposium,
which runs for six days, is the first academic symposium on Koreans
adopted abroad, according to the organizer, the International Korean
Adoptee Association (IKAA).

A dozen international experts on the issue also took part in the
conference held at Seoul’s Dongguk University.

Other experts attending the gathering included Peter Salman from
Britain; Eleana Kim and Jean Kim, both from the U.S.; and Tobias
Hubinette from Sweden. Some of them, including Hubinette, are Koreans
who were adopted abroad when they were children.


One Comment on “International Conference on Adoption Studies

  1. Did you realize that apparently Tobias Hubinette is a convicted criminal? I read that on the Internet, and while I suspended my belief, so to speak, for some time, I remember asking this to another anti-adoption activist, Jane Jeong Trenka, and getting no answer from her. Well, silence speaks words: I’m sure she didn’t want to admit the truth (if it weren’t true, I’m sure she would deny it loudly). Anyway, just to warn you to be careful whom you idolize.

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