Adoptee’s Facebook/My Space!

‘Adopted Online’ 


Ok, I know it’s cheesy perhaps, but a friend of mine has created the first social networking site for adoptees.  He says it aspires to be the Facebook/Myspace for adoptees.

I think it’s a pretty cool idea, and have signed up.  The unfortunate thing is that you have to be invited to join.  Each member gets 100 invites, and I’m willing to send them out to those who’d like to join.  Just email me at



One Comment on “Adoptee’s Facebook/My Space!

  1. Dear Transracial Adoptee Nexus,

    RE: Hong Kong Chinese Worldwide Adoptee Reunion Nov 2010 – Hong Kong, China

    I am a Hong Kong adoptee and a number of adoptees and I are planning an adoptee reunion in November 2010.

    I just learnt about your group through the CAL website, and I am wondering considering the nature of your work/website, would you be interested in getting involved with our reunion, especially for the future? The planning process is just starting, so we welcome everyone’s valued ideas and networking contribution.

    Please publicise this message anywhere you feel it could reach Hong Kong adoptees of all ages.

    Participants are:

    International Social Services Hong Kong (Intercountry Adoption)
    Mother’s Choice – Hong Kong
    Chinese Adoptee Links (CAL) – worldwide
    Dr. Amanda Baden – US
    Dr. Jennifer Bao Yu – US
    Holt International – US (individual)
    and an increasing number of Hong Kong adoptees worldwide

    Tim Holm – Korean Adoptee Reunion Organiser (IKAA Gathering 2010 in Seoul)
    Appreciation for his support and advice.

    Look forward to your reply,

    Take care,

    Lucinda Wu
    Skype: lucindaza

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