Landmark Adoption Ruling in Maine

Just thought this was a rather momentous case in Maine.  Take a look.  G.S. Lesbians win Maine court OK By Clarke Canfield, Associated Press  |  August 31, 2007 PORTLAND, Maine – The state’s highest court yesterday overturned a… Read More

Korean Adoptees Examine Origins, Upbringings

Thanks to the K@W list for posting this NPR piece on the IKAA Conference. G.S. by Jason Strother All Things Considered, August 25, 2007 · Some 600 adoptees from South Korea recently attended a convention in Seoul to… Read More

“Daddy and I”

I spotted this on Racialicious courtesy of Harlow’s Monkey.  I just thought I’d pass the word on about this particular photo exhibit of sorts…Here’s the creator of this abomination (click and prepare to be offended if you’re an… Read More

Adoption probe traps babies

Adoption probe traps babies Guatemalans’ seizure of orphanage leaves Mass. families in limbo By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff  |  August 24, 2007 They gave her a bottle, put her down for naps, snapped photographs. Over five days in… Read More

Boston Creates “Baby Safe Havens” for Children

 I just saw this article in the Boston Globe today about the creation of what is being called “Baby Safe Havens.”  The idea is to curb the number of abandoned newborns under 7 months by creating a safe… Read More

A Few Updates

I currently have around 200 new emails in my mailbox which have accumulated over the past week and a half. In trying to catch up I decided to throw together a small compendium of noteworthy items. G.S. 1)… Read More

Adoption Ethics Conference

I just wanted to pass the word on about the Adoption Ethics Conference which is coming up pretty soon.  I’ve been told by the Evan B. Donaldson Institute that they are extending the application deadline.  So if you’re… Read More

Jessica Simpson Wants to Adopt?

This doesn’t really surprise me, and NO i don’t actually read this magazine – it was forwarded to me by K@W.  I so hate hearing about adoption as charity and philanthropy. What makes it worse is that she… Read More

Children Seized in Adoption Home Raid

More adoption scandal in Guatemala. Whenever there is money involved, these sort of incidents are prone to occur. Whether people want to believe it or not, adoption puts dollar signs over the heads of children. Necessary visas, doctor… Read More

Municipal Zoo

I’m not really quite sure how to address this since there very well may be a number of people reading this post in relation to an editorial my mom posted her local newspaper. Last weekend, I went home… Read More