More Shouts for film ‘Resilience’

 Hi all – Just thought I’d forward another note I received in regards to the film ‘Resilience.’  It’s the first documentary to ever depict the stories of Korean birth mothers.  Feel free to donate or contact them for more details.  -G.S.

Dear friends:

I am writing to request your support for the making of Resilience,
the first-ever documentary film to tell theKorea’s birth mothers.
Please take a minute to read why this project is significant and how
you can be a part of it.

In Resilience, Korean women come out of the dark and break their
silence about the struggles of being single mothers in Korea and the
pressures from their society to give up their children.

For the first time, adoptees and families can view overseas adoption
from a different perspective.

I am a Korean American adoptee and when I read the stories of the
women in this film, it was the first time my birth parents, whom I
still have never met, became real to me.

Maybe my birth mother is nothing like these women, but now I have a
better understanding of the life she had, the environment I was born
into and the complicated system I was adopted through. This is the
kind of film I wish I had seen a long time ago, which is why I was
eager to help in the making of it and I hope you are too.

We are making and funding this film independently, which can be the
most difficult part in filmmaking. We’ve been able to complete a
short version of the film, but still have a lot of work to do and
have a long way to go in raising the necessary funds to finish the
film. We need your help in bringing this important film to

By contributing to this film you are helping to bridge cultural gaps
adoptees and their birth parents often struggle to get over. There
are millions of adoptees and people affected by adoption worldwide
that will greatly benefit from seeing this film.

Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated, whether it be
$10, $1000 or anywhere in between and beyond. Every little bit
counts. All contributors will be credited as sponsors in the film
and will be the first to be notified of screenings and project
updates. All donations made in the U.S. are 100% tax-deductible.

I urge you to donate now and help these women be heard. And please,
spread the word to anyone who may be interested in supporting this
significant project. Resilience is the first film about Korean
overseas adoption from the perspective of the families left behind.

Thank you so much for your time and attention. For more information,
please contact me or go to:


Jessica Windt
Project Manager

P.S. Contributions of any amount or type are welcomed. Please spread
the word!

Donations can be made online at Women Make Movies official website:

*VISA or Mastercard accepted. Please disregard quantity & shipping

Or contact me at:

All donations made in the U.S. are 100% tax-deductible by law.
Resilience is fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies ( ), a non-profit, New York City-based film
distribution organization for films made by and about women.

A short version of Resilience has been previewed at both the 2006
KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network | ) and 2006 G.O.A.L. (Global Overseas Adoptee
Link | ) adoptee conferences.

Resilience is directed & co-produced by Tammy Chu | | (+82) 19-9743-4344

Produced by KoRoot ( contact: Reverand Do-hyun
Kim |


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